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Photography I Cinematography 


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My name is Fil Wathen. I am a Houston based portrait, wedding, event, newborn, and concert photographer. My love for photography began in 2012. What started as a hobby has flourished into a business.

It is rare to be able to do what you love and get paid for it.

I specialize in natural light portrait and weddig photography, however, when nature needs a little help in the lighting department, I keep strobes, speed lights and other modifiers ready when needed.


I started learning photography when I was about 15 or so on a 1980 Canon AE1 film camera. I’ve taken what I learned from the analog world and applied it to the digital world of photography. I now shoot weddings, portraits, newborn and special events such as birthday parties and corporate events. 


I am always acquiring new tricks of my trade, trying to innovate my style to produce the very best product for my clients. My lovely wife Lisa is my backbone and biggest fan. Lisa is my assistant and second shooter on our wedding photo shoots. Providing a photography and creative team to capture every moment of your special day.


If you like what you have seen in my portfolio, my wife and I would love to meet with you and set up a photo shoot.

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